Our annual comments on WTF1 Superleague on/off track !

 GPVWC admins tried a direction turn so that to follow the path of F1 cars introducing changed physics and technical characteristics of the car !

The car

Much more powerful turbo engines that can apply max torque at very low and short ranged RPM turned the car into a lethal machine that every effort to push the throttle over the limits would turn the car around instantly !

In other areas the car had also significant changes !

The aerodynmic was highly restructured giving an extremely improved aero package with very increased wings downforce !

The total drag effect of the car was increased possibly trying to give DRS a chance to allow easier overtakes !

Side effect from all those changes is that some setup settings can not effect the car performance like they did in previous years which is something that drivers and teams dont want !


The R&D system

I could just copy paste the article from last July regarding what RnD system needs to make our off- track experience even more exciting but i will write the arguments again !

There is again the area that improves car performance much more that any other area and for an other season its mass !! I will suggest again to reduce the effect of mass on the car for the 2020 car design or just change the upgrade range ! 

The wings drag upgrades are once more useless to select but it would help the competition and fire up the teams by merging with wing downforce in a single "Front wing upgrade" & "Rear wing upgrade" !

Pit crew repair rate . . . nobody selects cause having a faster pit stop is always preferable !

Engine upgrades Reliability & Resilience for one more season remained the same and the teams one more season did not select them. The engine is very critical and every manufacturer bets on power, fuel and mapping ! Not to mention that engine RnD points are so few that are not enough even for the main upgrades ! GPVWC could possibly improve the engine tactics by providing more points for next season ! 

On the other hand, this season had a pleasant surprise regarding RnD ! The teams were possibly puzzled about what upgrade to choose after mass and nearly half grid went on diffuser and half on drag upgrades which is good for the competition !

 To add more excitement on upgrades selection from the teams i would add cooling upgrade so the teams can select to cool their cars (brakes/engine) easier which usually allow more aerodynamic setup settings and faster cars !



The tyres


While in the start of the season there were strong signals that the Medium compound would be frequently used by the teams, there only 1 or 2 teams regularly using them cause of their drivers style but the majority always bet on the softest rubber again.

This means less tactics available and i believe it can change to the benefit of our racing experience !! Tyre designers for 2020 should make the hard tyre necessary for tyre eating tracks so the teams will have a hard task selecting tyres. This could be achieved either by making hard tyres more grippy or by making soft tyres wear easier.


The calendar

The GPVWC admins correctly reduced the races from 18 to 16, the race preparation is getting harder and harder and teams can not support a very long season !

Also the come back of Malaysia and Turkish GP are very much welcomed but this is only personal preference !

 That is all for now ! Need to thank the GPVWC admins for one more enjoyable season, the Disciplinary Committee for the critical decisions at every race, the broadcast crew for all the work they make to make our championship look good and to  Red Archer drivers and members for the huge excitement and joy i receive til now !

Next report at next Summer break !


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