Archers have scored in all 4 races so far !


Hungary was the next stop for Superleague train in 2020 (after Zandvoort failed to meet the standards) and Red Archer members knew it was not goign to be a very good race for the team !

The small chance of overtaking and the intentionally low upgraded car forced a target of a top 15 finish for this race.

The hard work started from Qualifying session where Matthias grabbed a last second P14 while Rait could not find his way to a good lap starting the race from P19.

Both opted to start on harder compounds aiming 1 stop, Matthias on Mediums and Rait on Hards !

The race start went well with both drivers avoiding most of the T1 mess but next laps proved that car trains will be huge and tough to brake in this track !

Matthias and Rait driving behind cars that normally would have overtaken easily led to change of plans for the Estonian driver to 2 stops strategy with the hope to be able to make better times !

After Matthias had his only pit stop he found himself inside top 10 behind a car that had to save his tyres and in the middle of a slow train that he wanted to avoid !

The German made a huge effort to overtake the car in front but a bad moment over a slippery kerb took him down to P12 !

The same time Rait was pushing his good Medium tyres to the maximum of their strength at P11 stuck behind the very same train of cars Matthias was inside before !

 In a race where 11 out of the 27 cars did not finished Red Archer found double points again with Rait in P10 and Matthias P11 allowing Red Archer to be optimistic for the coming races where the car will be upgraded and the tracks will allow faster drivers to overtake !


Hungary 2020

rFactor2 2020-04-25 13-59-33-98

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-00-08-23

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-01-44-04

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-03-08-23

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-04-09-45

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-04-37-35

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-11-26-56

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-12-33-52

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-15-37-51

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-15-59-16

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-20-47-80

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-25-17-93

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-26-50-58

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-28-44-29

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-29-42-27

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-30-49-51

rFactor2 2020-04-25 14-31-40-37


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