Double top 5 in qualifying and race - second season podium for Kilk !

It was well planned that Red Archer would push for good results after the Summer break and drivers were well prepared and with good feeling of the car.

The entrance in official test session was a small shock realising that most teams were going on much lower wings in a track with long straights but there was no time or will to change anything.

Qualifying session was the big bet of the night and a well practiced and executed slipstream dance brought Matthias Muuss and Rait Kilk to 2nd and 3rd row of the grid, their best qualifying performances of the season !

Race would depend on opening laps and first cars pace. Losing the DRS advantage would mean 10km+ less top speed than cars behind and a huge problem to defend position.

Race starteed and had no unpleasant surprises while the attack from other cars was quite strong. Matthias and Rait could match the pace of front cars and the pit stop would be a big factor in race.

Lap 20 was meant to be critical in team strategy since Medium tyres window was early opening. 

Rait Kilk was meant to pit early enough to keep position and try undercut front drivers keeping Mediums option at medium risky strategy cause he would have to manage the wear for full 2nd stint.

Matthias boxed one lap later at 21 to avoid undercut and pit exit found him behind Rait in a train mixed with cars of fresh and old tyres.

Mistake free 2nd stint allowed keep on track with top drivers and top6 looked secure enough to allow tyres management.

In last 10 laps drivers were fighting for P2 while Rait and Matthias were closing the gap behind.

Last lap and a high risk overtaking maneuver from P3 car led to spin and Rait Kilk was close enough to overtake and strong enough to defend for few turns before chequered flag.

Race finish at P3 and P5 for Red Archer, the best performance of the season and a promising end of the championship is ahead.

Suzuka, Austin and Interlagos coming and the "reds" are looking P4 from a distance of 15 points, not impossible and not easy at all.




Sochi 2020

rFactor2 2020-09-12 11-38-58-83

rFactor2 2020-09-12 11-37-59-65

rFactor2 2020-09-12 11-36-45-94

rFactor2 2020-09-12 11-35-51-70

rFactor2 2020-09-12 11-34-28-55

rFactor2 2020-09-12 11-33-21-42

rFactor2 2020-09-12 11-33-00-59

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-58-19-15

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-55-10-70

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-54-29-03

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-50-12-23

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-46-09-28

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-42-32-41

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-42-22-44

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-41-17-40

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-40-51-15

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-35-34-50

rFactor2 2020-09-12 10-34-06-54



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