Harvey starred at his debut

Round 4 of 2021 GPVWC Superleague and the scoring feast for Red Archer continued at Buddh circuit. Debutant reserve driver Thomas Harvey replaced unavailable Rait Kilk and reached one step behind the podium of the Indian Grand Prix.

The qualifying session was not strong for neither of the "reds" but two times multiple incidents in first lap allowed top 10 for Thomas and Matthias very early in race.

The tyres management and strategy would play crucial role for the remaining of the race.

Matthias suffered a increased rear wear stint on mediums after a short softs stint that did not allow him use softs for the last stint stuck behine a slower train of cars.

Finishing P9 for one more time the German ace proved his increased scoring efficiency for this season since he is one of the seven drivers that have scored three out of four races in top 10.

The same round last season he had only scored 2x top 10s and 3 less points !!

On the other hand, Thomas on a last minute call for the race, managed his strategy good enough to be able to defend his P4 and claim his first points in Superleague.

The "Greeks" are now in P5 and with only 1/4 of the championship gone, the future looks strong for one more season and coming races are expected with great enthusiam.


India 2021

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-26-29-35

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-26-47-99

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-27-15-45

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-28-37-12

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-33-44-43

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-40-55-54

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-42-10-09

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-43-13-38

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-44-50-49

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-46-11-66

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-49-41-42

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-50-03-87

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-21-33-97

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-22-40-39

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-23-55-62

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-24-26-61

rFactor2 2021-04-24 19-25-52-94

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