Matthias Muuss and Jan Kattau scored many points at the opening of 2022 Superleague season

The race at San Marino was well expected from the Greek team.

New season, new driver, new car and a strong grid created the certainty that the race at Imola would be really hard and points chances not very good.

As early as first qualifying laps it was clear that the skills for top 15 perormance was there while the sesssion ended with Matthias in P8 and Jan at P14.

With race starting the plan was pretty clear and well tested for Jan which he executed perfectly without any significant problems and finished at P5 at his first race with the team and in the league.

On the other hand Matthias had to work with a different strategy that would be confirmed while racing and throwing dilemmas in the process of a tough race has never been good for the Archers.

Late decided strategy led to tyres underperformance and a final P11 while the potential could be well inside top 10.

With 20 points in the bag team is already travelling to Sakhir and the race at a well practiced track in the pre-season stage with the hope that there will be no more misjudged strategies, plans will work perfectly and the big target of double top 10 will be acheived.




rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-19-18-87

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-22-25-21

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-26-22-18

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-35-15-41

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-36-08-89

rFactor2 2022-03-13 14-09-10-50

rFactor2 2022-03-13 14-09-49-34

rFactor2 2022-03-13 14-10-55-45

rFactor2 2022-03-13 14-17-02-85

rFactor2 2022-03-13 14-17-46-60

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-03-39-12

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-05-07-60

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-09-32-16

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-10-25-46

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-11-58-92

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-13-41-59

rFactor2 2022-03-12 12-15-12-50

rFactor2 2022-03-13 14-12-05-69

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