VEC - 8 hours of SPA

Lap 217 - Night comes and P1 is in sight

Lap 218 - Chequered flag

Lap 218 - P2 at the second race for VEC D2

Lap1 - Ryan Elliott had a safe race start from P6

Lap 45 - Overtake for P7

Lap 81 - Matthias Muuss gets into the seat after 3 hours at P7

Lap 95 - Traffic and strong competition did not allow easy overtakes

Lap 136 - Fighting for P3 under heavy traffic

Lap 140 - Tomasz Wach takes over at P6 for the last 3 hours of the race

Lap 166 - Move completed

Lap 166 - Overtake for P2

Lap 171 - Pushing for the win through the traffic

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