Fundraising campaign for the preservation of the rare endemic plant of Psiloritis mountain

 Cretan authorities and local services like Region of Crete, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania and Forests administration of Rethymno are looking into funds sources to help the application of programes towards the rescue of the rare pink flowered plant!

Currently there is already in progress the CARE-MEDIFLORA program that uses a micro deposit area at dolines of Psiloritis at altitude of 1500m since 2018.

The total population is less than 300 plants in an area of 25 acres at Petrodolakia location and its the unique plantation of the world !

Horstrissea dolinicola is a multi-annual plant that mainly develops undeground whith its carrot shaped root developing up to 10cm while the height of the flower wont go above 2-5cm !

Horstrissea dolinicola is the last kind of gender Horstrissea which means if this species extinct, the whole gender will extint too !




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