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rFactor 2

Here you can find applications about rFactor 2 !

Archers weather beta 2

This is the updated version of the Archers weather application.

The user receives weather forecast data from the updated former climacell API now called v4 API.

As always you need an API key to make it work, all the documentation can be found here and can sign up here.

The locations if the circuits are updated gradually without any action from the user according to wikipedia coordinates of the track.

This software was created by request of administrators so that to avoid time delay after qualifying sessions by automatically creating the required batch file for race start ups and downs.

The program is installed (simple copy) at rfactor 2 game root folder on server.

The user can do the following:

  • Load the latest session logs and select which one will use for initial race grid.
  • Display the drivers with the order that they finished the session, should normally be the latest Qualifying or Race session if there are more than one races.
  • Add grid penalty and reverse the grid
  • Add an other driver or remove one of the existing drivers
  • Manually change positions up & down
  • Create the appropriate batch that will bring the desired grid positions in the next race session.

project_rF2 (realtime telemetry software)

Few words about the application:

* Its a realtime telemetry software that sends vehicle telemetry & session's scoring data to a remote PC through INTERNET or ETHERNET.

* The data receiver (rfactor 2 user or not) can have all the data available with many different sets of tools.

* All the info are processed and displayed usually within a second.

* The user have access to simple vehicle data like tire pressures or advanced calculated race strategy info like laps to go regarding fuel and tires wear.

* Can save telemetry as .csv (per drive/lap/session)

I added some in action screen shots so that everyone can see what it is and how it works:

1) A screen shot while setting up the environment.
Includes a 1024x768 window of rfactor 2, manager's and driver's application ready to link (its spectator's mode but same goes for normal use without using driver's application of course)
Before action starts

2) Qualifying action
--> The rF2 window on the top right leaves enough room for many modules.
--> "GPS" module to show vehicles' positions
--> "Race info+" module to show session info
--> "Timing+" module to show selected driver's timing
--> "Live timing" module to show full grid timing info
--> "Session timing" module to show per stint timing

Qualifying action

3) Race action.
* Usually in races i need more modules especially when getting driver telemetry hence reducing the game window to 800x600 is sometimes required. This one is still 1024x768 cause its spectator's mode and i dont get telemetry data which has a big module.
* The "Timing+" module is replaced by the myPitwall module which allows the user follows driver's pace-gap per sector compared to front and behind drivers.
* The "Live timing" module is always needed. I usually lengthen the Pits area so i can check the Pit's status (see driver P17)
* In this setup there is enough room even for TeamSpeak at the bottom right corner.

Race action

Synoptical race tool

Here is a compllete manual for the application !


I release this simple rF2 logs parser so that users can rapidly read and work even on big logs. Can use for FP or Race logs.

The software can provide simple and detailed info about timing,tyres wear,fuel and a simple chart creator with all the available parametres.

Also there is an option to extract stints data to csv for further study.


A first version of Red Archer weather tool. Can work with OpenWeatherMap and climacell v4 APIs and presents basic info for short term weather forecast.

There are dynamically updated racing locations with predefined coordinates of each track but user can also input other lat/lon.

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