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This is the explorer application for 2021 GPVWC Superleague.

Can read the car and engine upgrades and display the percentage for each area as well as a quick chart represantation.

You can download using the link above.

Unzip to rF2 root folder, overwrite if you already had an older version of the 3rd party files (QuickBMS) and you are ready to go !


Due to the nature of the 2021 Research & Development system, the percentage is presented per area minimum possible and maximum possible situation where 0% is the base car with fresh engine.

For example POWER can be negative when the engine is used and there is no POWER upgrade.

Also areas that have effect on same car physics such as mass that can be affected by COMPONENT MASS, CHASSIS MASS and ENGINE MASS are displayed as one where 100% is the maximum upgrade of 3 seperate areas.


This is an application created for GPVWC Superleague and Superleague Lights leagues !

It can read the official GPVWC mods files and display detailed data of each car's status for each one of the league rounds.

After every read the application saves data into a .csv file for use with charts or any other process.

In the latest 0.3 version user can create a chart for specific areas reading the extracted .csv files.


Necessary 3rd party softare (not included):

--> QuickBMS reference file for rF2

--> QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.10.1



Unzip all files into rF2 root folder and run the executable

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