Red Archer Virtual Racing Team

The team was established soon after the final race of the 2009 GPVWC season by Nikos Evangelidakis, a GPVWC driver and member.

The name sources from the owner's love to red colour and to archery as way to battle. A combination of passion and precision, necessary for every aspect of life.

Red Archer is a Greek team based at Rethymno, a small city of Crete island, well known as tourist target, for the local products such raki, olive oil and herbs and for the Cretans' hospitality.

The spirit of the team has never been to dominate and win win win, despite of the 2011 title. The thirst for our common hobby, F1 and races in general, directs the team members to take the most out of the races, finding joy even in the team practices and race incidents.

Red Archer drivers are always required to follow the rules of GPVWC and behave their attitude in and out of the tracks. Abnormal behaviours regardless the mean of expression will never be accepted.


Brief background of the community described by one of the owners William Ponissi:

The Grand Prix Virtual World Championship (GPVWC) is a stalwart in the simracing world. During the course of its history, the GPVWC established itself as one of the most successful, most respected and most enjoyable leagues on the internet. Founded in 2000 and now approaching its 12th season, the GPVWC offers a unique competition model that merges simracing at its best with a complex, detailed team management simulation.

The underlying concept behind the GPVWC is simple: in real Formula One, no one races alone. World Championships, victories and fast laps are the result of the tireless work of teams who put an effort, day in, day out, to provide their drivers with the best possible car to edge out their opponents.

At GPVWC, we acknowledge the importance of teams, and we developed a detailed Management system in which Team Owners have to administer their team's budget, deal with contracts and suppliers and develop their cars. All that is required is for people with a knack for leadership to step into Christian Horner or Stefano Domenicali's shoes, hire the best drivers, give them the fastest cars and enjoy the sweet taste of success ?or the agony of failure!

With a bespoke, purpose-built website developed by the GPVWC Administration, the whole racing experience is tailored to bring the best possible racing environment for managers and drivers alike: a result-reader, designed from scratch, allows results to be published and standings, finances and statistics to be updated within minutes of the chequered flag, while other systems are developed continuously to bring new features to what amounts to possibly one of the best simracing websites in the world.

At GPVWC, however, high-quality racing is not the only focus: we pride ourselves of the quality of our community, of the sense of belonging it fosters and of the lifelong friendships it creates ?some of our members joined as early as 2002!

Official team supporter

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