First ever win for the German in an extraordinary season !

 Round 14 of GPVWC Superleague 2022 championship was meant to be the one that the Red Archer driver would take his first ever win in the league at his 4th season in the team, 60 races after his debut at Melbourne back in 2019.

The race was far from predictable since the track was in full wet condition while there was not so much wet practice for the team.

Matthias qualified P3 at a difficult session while the unexplored race conditions puzzled everyone at the start of the race.

Wet tyres could not handle well the rain and the strength of the cars, degrading fastly giving much slower times in the last laps of their lives.

Matthias opening laps did not allow plans for second thoughts about the strategy, 53 divided by 5 equals to 10.6 and lap 11 was the target for his first stop.

Meanwhile the other "archer" could go further with tyres and took the 3 stops strategy that proved slower and in combination with P8 in qualifying could not help him deliver to the limits of his and his car's abilities.

Matthias continued to drive and push his car like a gondolier at Venetian channels and his last stop found him at P2, 20s away from the win.

The final laps were exciting and heart breaking cause the gap to P1 was less than 5s with driver,car and tyres at their very limits !

One lap before the chequered flag Matthias overtakes at pit straight and delivers a flawless race.

Chris Shepherd was in top 10 again with valuable points in his bag for the team effort.